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Tantric Erotic Yoni Massage for Women and Massage for Couples in London by Discreet Model Looking Therapist

awaken the kundalini, embrace the goddess within yourself!


Welcome! I am Riko, fabulous model looking tantric masseur offering erotic yoni massage for women and couples in London and surrounding areas. Be rest assured you have come to the right place if you are looking for a girly "ME" time you have been missing due to stressful day to day work or even if you would like to treat your fiance or partner with a great sensual massage London for women for a special occasion.

Following content is my personal article about my sensual massage London, massage for women or couples massage in tantric healing therapy, it tells you all about my services. If you or your couple partner tend to accumulate negative energy from past experiences, it affects your perception about sex and life style which is a huge loss in ones life. My sensual massage London, tantric erotic massage for couples and women is designed to help women free up from these negative energies. Sensual massage London, erotic yoni massage for women is a spiritual stimulation women have never experienced before, I will take you to heights of pleasure by teasing you mostly throughout the session where my sensual fingers do the magic. The goal is to prepare you for multiple orgasms that your body is not used to. I do this by creating need and excitement throughout sensual chakras of your body. This will not only provide you greater satisfaction but will also rejuvenate your mind and soul. Tantric sexual healing will change your perception about sex in general, you'll start to enjoy it more and will learn new ways to stimulate your partner.

I provide complete sense of intimacy, peace and acceptance in every form for sensual massage London and erotic yoni massage for women and couples to bring a positive outcome. It includes a long sensual erotic breast massage for women and the best full body intimate experience you could never imagine. I simply love my work as a tantric masseur and for the duration of your tantric sexual healing, I will give you an unforgettable intimate erotic experience that will take you out of this universe with joy and pleasure.

Is this a naturist sensual b2b massage with erotic breast and yoni massage ?

Well, tantric sexual healing and sensual massage London is performed naturist and involves a yoni massage which makes this self explanatory. I will explain the whole session in more detail. Tantric sensual erotic massage for couples and women consists of a 60-90min session and a unique combination of massaging techniques all over body to activate all the sensual centres. When I start the erotic massage for couples or women, caring and calming energy flows throughout your body. If its your first time getting sensual erotic massage for women London, I would simply ask you to think about it as a normal relaxing back massage and leave the rest to me, this helps my female clients relax. Further, I play soft music and light candles in warmly atmosphere. The sensual massage London begins face down, I start with a normal firm back massage making you comfortable and giving you feeling of safety which is very important specially for tantric sexual healing to be best.

Once you have enjoyed a a nice little firm massage, your entire body, hands, neck, arms, breast, belly, inner thighs, legs, feet will be awakened with sensual oils while my fingertips explore the most sensual parts of your body, balancing the chakras. At this point your senses will be heightened, you'll be in a trance trying to feel every single pampering touch I give you, the music will start to sound even better while I pamper you even more and more. You will be lost in healing trance and will be able to feel positive energy surrounding and hugging you.

After a while of soothing erotic massage for couples or women London, when it feels appropriate I will ask you to gently flip over and will caress your upper body with a slow and gentle touch giving you an everlasting gentle sensual erotic breast massage for women. By this time your yoni had been teased a little and the sensual breast massage could arouse one to extremes as you'll be comfortable with my hands exploring the most sensual areas of your body. Here, I will ask you to spread your legs and imagine that you have never been touched before. You'll feel the soft gentle touch by someone else for the first time when you are highly aroused while I work on inner thighs softly gradually moving upwards activating kundalini energy which has been lying dormant within you. You will feel my fingers teasing the yoni quite a lot which makes you want all this even more. Often at this time you will hold your breath, which blocks the path of energy flow so I will ask you to breathe deeply, relax and surrender in the moment and continue to enjoy receiving the healing.

I will keep talking to you softly and by this time we we would be going a little intimate, enjoying the sacred energy flow throughout our bodies and heightened state of arousal. The rest of the session is a secret that I will not be able to explain here.

I need an intimate nude private male to female yoni massage for women by a tantric massage therapist and maybe more, does it include more ?

At the time of your sensual erotic massage for couples or women, I will be more like your partner fulfilling each and every desire you have. Tantric sensual massage means connecting with your partner and fulfilling each others desires unconditionally. I only charge for my time spent rest is the choice between two adults - the article is self explanatory and possibilities are endless when intimacy is at its peak. In actual fact it is all about enjoying the magic that appears between male and female energy, also the miracle that creates life. I am open minded and very passionate about everything I do.

Book an unforgettable pampering session for yourself this evening before anyone else. For further information on the selection of massages, prices, location or availability click here to contact Riko...

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Outcalls all London 1.5 hour notice!

Maybe just book an ordinary massage with your selected therapist and discuss your concerns while having the session about releasing blocked energy from the creative centres, the main element of tantric healing. We as healing therapists make sure you are comfortable throughout the session with an aim to help you achieve extreme relaxation of your mind, body and senses.

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